In the late 80s I started working for Elmer's Crane and Dozer. After a few years I decided that I wanted to move up the ladder. I enrolled in the local college to get my engineering degree. In 2006 I graduated from Michigan Technological University with my engineering degree. I then proceeded to go to any class, seminar, or continuing education that Elmers would send me too. Click here to see my certifications and classes I attended. Since I joined the Traverse area of Realtors I have been asked to teach a class on septic systems to the realtors. This has been very beneficial to me as it has made me keep up with the new inspection requirements that have been introduced in the area. In the last year Milton Twp and the village of Empire has added a septic inspection program.

About My Company

Downsizing of a company I worked at for 19 years allowed me to try my hand a running my own business.Since I was vary familiar with onsite waste water installation, design, inspection, and maintenance I decide to follow this path. My family owned a small excavating company when I was growing up and at an early age was assisting in the installation of many septic systems in the area. This included but not limited to shoveling and labor work. Upon returning from 3 years in the Marine Corps I started to get more involved in the operations of the business. This allowed me to work with the sanitarians in the area on the placement of the systems. I was also learning the coat of the systems and increasing my knowledge of proper installation. Our company was one of the first to install a gravel less system and low pressure drain field system.