Community Drainfield

Control Panel Some are controlled by my computer at the office

Locating the leads to each house

Community Systems

Why do we need these systems?

Most of the area around northern Michigan are not that far from open water. It may be a lake or a river but that is what makes this area so special. Since many people enjoy the water and like living near it we had to have a system that would allow onsite waste water to be discharged without harming the environment.

How do these systems work?

Some homes on the lakes have holding tanks and cannot for one reason or another have an onsite waste water system. If a group of people that live close to each other can purchase property that will allow for an onsite disposal (drain field) they may be able to have a community system. Some systems have a grinder pump in a pump chamber at the home and all the waste is sent to the disposal area. This system pictured here has septic tanks at the disposal site and will need to be pumped periodically. The other option is to have the septic tanks at the home property and the effluent is pumped to the disposal site. This system is required to be inspected at least once a year to make sure it is operating properly. Some larger systems have increased frequency of inspections and sampling of the effluent.

How to get Started

These systems have to be designed by a certified engineer There are many steps to completing this type of system, but it is well worth the effort. Jozwiak Consulting and Anderson & Crane are two engineering firms that I work with in Traverse City.

All systems must be approved by the local health department.