Mound drainfield Freshly hydro seeded

Installed and ready to use

Setting the timers

Alternative Treatment Systems

Why do we need these systems?

Most of the area around northern Michigan are not that far from open water. It may be a lake or a river but that is what makes this area so special. Since many people enjoy the water and like living near it we had to have a system that would allow onsite waste water to be discharged without harming the environment.

How do these systems work?

Most systems use a filtering material to reduce the contaminants of the effluent. This material varies from a felt type material to foam, to coconut husk, and even sand. Some run the effluent over the filter and let it percolate to the bottom and then to the pump chamber. Others have the material rotate or move into the effluent to filter it. Most systems are set on a timer to allow the effluent to be in contact with the material long enough to reduce the contaminates down to the allowed discharge parameters. Each county has there own rules for the types of systems, sampling frequency, and the maintenance schedule.

Where can they be used?

In Grand Traverse County if the high water mark is less than 4 foot separation but is more than 1.5’ then a system may be designed for your home. Each county has their own sanitary code so the isolation distances may be different in your area. All systems must be approved by the local health department.